Silhouettes by Sally James 

I am your shadow, I duplicate your every movement, 

sometimes you cannot see me but I will always be there. 

If you look behind you, I will be there, lurking and following, 

if you look in front of you or by your side I will still be around. 

You can see me best in the late afternoon or early evening 

when the sun lights up your body casting my darker image of you. 

I will be at my strongest at the winter solstice, see me at noon 

if you must, when the leaves have fallen and the dew has frozen. 

I will walk when you walk, rest when you rest, for I am your 

replica, I have no voice, do not feel joy or love or sorrow 

but I am always there with you, silent, observing, watching. 

I will never leave you as long as the sun shines down on you 

blessing, healing and forgiving and when only your ashes  

or dust remains and as the sun tilts your headstone 

in the evening glow, I will still be there watching and caring 

until the moon absorbs my darkness into hers with a sly wink.