By order of... by Jeff Dawson

Who's giving the orders?
Who's taking the orders?
New order
The old order
And now there's talk of a new world order
Where are you in the pecking order?
Order this, order that
More orders than 
you can shake a stick at!
Just eat this, don't eat that
Deliveroo this, parcel force that
We'll have it with you
In 5 minutes flat!
Tall order, short order
Mail order, online orders 
Buy this, subscribe to that
Digital life or out of order?
Another House of Commons bill
For law and order
Another measure
To quell our dis-order
But Mr Speaker 
A point of order!
Before ruling our lives
Get your own house in order
It's a shambles
Of the highest order!
By order of this, 
by order of that
Order online tickets
On an online app!
But I don't have a mobile 
I don't have an App
They're closing the ticket offices
They don't care about that!
By order of this, 
by order of that 
By order of the King
No I don't like that!
Order or chaos
In our already chaotic lives?
They're all out of order
I don't like this vibe 
Order or chaos? I need a minute 
I'll let you decide!