The Light Of Hope by Cristina Mihailovici

I knocked at that golden door,
In that memorable starry night.
The window was showing me a glow light,
And a warm voice was welcomed me inside.

A calm face with a beautiful smile
Was telling me to sit and warm.
Near the fire where the dreams can fly,
And where my grandma sits to talk.

She talks about the war and peace,
Her voice so strong was like a legend.
She sing a song about the heroes and beliefs,
About the history and soldiers’ glory.

The guns, the screams, the horses’ breathings
Were present in that night in our minds,
In our eyes and souls,
In our prayers ... in our spirit.

But wait, I saw a candle light
The room was suddenly so bright!
That was the light of hope and fight,
The light and tribute to the right!