My First Bite by Bernie Jordan

The apple hung just within my reach. It shone like a harvest moon, and I reached up, caressing its firm, cool sphere with my warm fingers. It fell into my hand, and I didn’t have the heart to leave it for the worms.

My first bite of that forbidden fruit lifted the scales from my hooded eyes.                          

I swallowed and my heart was split. In an instant I knew good from evil.

In the beginning darkness was just darkness, light was just light, there was no wrong and there was no right.

Now division reigned within and beyond me. My first bite split me from you when before there was only us. Immense loneliness hit me when you showed your face and I realised that you didn’t know my truth. Could I stay in this state of knowing we are two separate people without you knowing too?

You looked with lust at my naked body, grinned down, ignorant of my opened heart. Your primal craving met with my confusion. We locked eyes. I looked at your innocence then ran, lithe and free, bounding over fallen branches until exhausted, I hid myself within the shadows of a fig tree.  

For days and nights, you hunted me, haunting me with bleating calls. The fruit had given me freedom but what of you? Was it for me to choose your fate?

In choice there is want so I led you to the tree. You ate and your jaws unlocked the gates of Eden. The security of ignorance was gone.

Forever after we both knew ourselves one from the other. Only with a kiss could we melt together, bringing back that heavenly bliss.