My First Birthday Candle Was A Piece Of Cake by Philip Burton  


1st birthday 
Mum said blow!  
Like so!  
I said Bougie!  


When I was 2  
The blow that was blown  
was not my own  
but Gran’s  


Aged 3 I pouted  
too near 
Mum spilt Dad’s beer  
and the flames went out  
At 4  
they held me back  
with a high-chair strap  
My 5th was neat  
and I sneezed out a flame  
due to all the smoke  
but they said I cheated 
The 6th was tainted  
by me holding my breath for absolutely far too long  
right through to the end of the Happy Birthday song  
when I fainted  
By my 7th  
as far as I was concerned? 
candles could be left to burn  
but, when Mum said Give it your best shot Mr Bougie 
I blew out the lot