Portraits by Brian Hutchinson


Said you searched
all your life for me
to paint portraits
of all the children
I ever dreamt of
in a house full
and swirling in bliss.

Yet all I wanted
was to hold your hand
share our stories
sing you songs
our memories, the lyrics.
You said, ‘I was the truest of colours.’

Never quite made rainbows
Tried remixing
always came out blue.
Laying there
question-mark shaped
eyes asking why.

Plying the layers too thick
so as not to show me
what I’m hiding from.
The two of us
‘Two cracked and well-worn boots’
what we trampled through.
You deciding, ‘One foot’s best.’
Tried it on mate
wasn’t wearing it
Didn’t fit. And you running
first to get there
holding the door open
for quick ‘peeps’

Not letting me in
‘Not your time
Wait - Grow some more.’
I promised I would write
You never got back.

Chatting away for hours
Never an answer.
‘Shine when it rains will you
wanted to splash more puddles
photo’s profile-paged.’

Did you think
I could just turn you off
songs monotoned
highlights flickering
Never guessing white
would be your final coat.