Formerly Worktown Words

Provoked by Darren Pearce

The thought that I'd upset you was enough to make me see
cos if I have upset you know this is upsetting me
Got me travelling to a previously perturbing place
forced by buried truths, too fucking frightening to face
I guess what I thought was dead happened simply to be latent
when the facts changed so did my behaviour, that is blatant
Denial now over, all six senses starting to offload
doing one-thirty down the wrong side of the fucking road
I swing around street corners
hoping that you might appear
My inner unicorn has
started bursting into tears
He doesn't do emotional
and certainly could not cry
But turns daftly devotional
when the thought of you goes by
Is this love I bask in
or just a case of  indigestion?
Strike that cos I'm asking
a much better binary question
The choice is pretty stark
depending on what you might say
Straightforward light or dark
pure black and white, no shades of grey
What we need is a straightener, a fixer, a resolver
so here honey please let me pass you this revolver
Slides across the table and conveniently lands
right next to you, so just pick it up with both your hands
Now by all means inform me that my Christmas has come early
not impossible at all but unlikely yeah, surely
But failing that you gorgeous, special and talented cow
pull that trigger, shoot and stop my stupidity NOW
Only you can end it
only you can unfriend it
I'm way too far gone to even comprehend it
Yeah you can command it
You truly understand it
If I tried to fly this thing I'd probably crash land it
I went to the bathroom for a panic attack
Mused for a minute I might not make it back
You're a multiple minx, a venereal thriller
My heart's going like a fucking serial killer
I've got needles for fingers, saucers for eyes
Lose the false modesty, don't act surprised
Hey just to confirm what you already knew
There are seven dwarves and eight reindeer, but only one you
Forgive for I'm feeling a need
to finish these frivolities
This wheel's fabulous but feeds
some quite destructive qualities
The truth like it or not
is whatever the truth may be
It seems girl you have got
the Indian sign all over me
I've not eaten for three days
now I'm a half-eaten mess
There are very few new ways
you can learn this helplessness
So c'mon honey let's go out
and get these dragons slain
Dynamics now beyond doubt
You've provoked me babe - again




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