Hero Or Villain by Peter D Firth


When I was young it seemed that it would be easy to be a superhero.

I just needed a bite from a radioactive spider or to inherit an underground cave complete with man servant

and put on a mask.

The bullies who told me I was weak, would never know who I really was.

If only family and friends knew, it would make them proud

I could fly around the moon and back to earth whenever I liked

I could wear a rubber suit or a fancy cape and not have to wonder if the outfit is acceptably cool this week.

I would be able to fend off the bad, turn the cruel into kind.

But what do I find?

It turns out that when boyhood dreams have faded,

I can’t shoot web from my wrists or use X Ray vision (for good!)

because my nurture wasn’t a superhero recipe.


If I take off the mask you will find

The crooked smile of The Joker

Hee, Hee, Hee, Hee!