The Red Wall by Patricia Cunningham

We  placed our trust in him, and  followed  the rules,

Now the Clown and his circus think we’re all fools.

Partying ? Drinks? What’s the big deal?

“I  wasn’t there” we hear him squeal.                                                          

No rules were  broken; I tell you no lies

But the mist is lifting from  our eyes.

He cannot conceal the untold harm

Even as he tries  to  woo with his charm.                                                             

Silent  tears through panes of glass,

Does he really think we’ll let this pass?

As we  collectively mourn our own

A dignified woman  sits  alone.

The Nation looks on and reflects her pain

We promise you ma’am, it will not be in vain.

Having gained red wall votes by promising Brexit,

His   mistake is not to plan his own exit.

“It was work; not play”  We hear him say,

The time has come to make him pay.

We will challenge his every word

And  watch him hoist with his own petard.

The red wall  for now has broken down           

But will rise again to take his crown.

We told him we would come for him

We ‘re here now , this  time we’ll win.