Hiding Place by Juliet Eastham

There’s a hiding place inside of me
Where all things go
I don’t want you to see
There’s lies I’ve told and petty crimes
Historical abuse et al
Locked away inside my mind
Boxes of fear, buckets of dread
Remaining hidden til after I’m dead
The trouble is they cause great harm
Festering in the dark
No picket fence, no roses and certainly no charm
Just mould and damp decay
Despite this rotten reality
I’ll tell you everything is ok
Like the Queen Of Hearts
I’ll swan around
And paint everything rose quartz
Dust the black with pink
Paint on a fake smile
And pour us both a drink
Self medicate with booze n drugs
Masking my daily demise
On and on I’ll continue to trudge
Until one day i’ll breakdown
The iceberg melts
Perhaps I’ll drown
You’ll see the relief on my face
As the murky water rises
And floods my hiding place