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Triumphant Spring by Jeanette Davies


These short, foggy days of darkness with gloom from dawn to dusk feel bleak, hopeless and relentless feel as heavy as musk.

Like not just the days are shortened but everything else as well awareness that we are mortal just walking, empty shells.

Then one evening light lasts longer there's gentleness around our spirits are somewhat stronger grey no longer surrounds.

Fog’s fingers no longer linger the cold seems to retreat like curtains open to singers musicians strum to the beat.

And snowdrops' insistent peeking defying earth's hardness herald the hope we've been seeking through winter's long distress.

If they can, these tiny petals survive through winter's chill

surely we must show our mettle beat winter back with our will.

Daffodils trumpet our victory nest-building birds chorus blossoms declare nature's victory this glory is for us

we didn't succumb to winter
her death and deep despond
we knew there was something better to which we could respond.