Magic - I Can't Stay by Nicola Beckett

I can't stay mother 
I love you but I wasn't born to please you 
I can't stay teacher 
I wasn't born to be put in your Boxes 
Or think in your lines 
I can't stay my love
I wasn't born just to satisfy your needs 
I can't stay boss 
I wasn't born just to make money for others 
I can't stay master 
I wasn't born to follow your ideas of what truth is 
I was born to find my own truth 
And make my own rules 
I was born 
To go beyond space and time 
Into magic 
To totally loose myself 
I was born to feel everything 
To taste everything 
The bitter taste of sorrow 
The foul taste of deceit 
The sweet taste of love 
I was born to learn how to handle change 
I was born to know the truth 
To learn how to fly 
On my magic broom 
I was born to learn how to speak the language of love 
How to unchain my heart 
How to shed everything 
How to let go of all expectations 
Except what really matters 
I was born to live a life that would strip away all that wasn't real 
That wasn't true 
That wasn't me 
I am a phoenix 
I was born to spread my wings and fly towards the sun 
To burn up and turn to ashes 
To fall down to earth 
And to rise up again 
When I am old 
I will be proud of my scars 
My wrinkles 
My memories 
My stories 
My wisdom 
I was born to be free 
And therefore I cannot stay 
I am Magic 
And Magic is me