Shaun Fallows, Wigan

 My name is Shaun Fallows and I'm a poet from Wigan who was born with Cerebral Palsy.

Everyone's life is a collection of memories and events that build a life. The  poems I write  are my views on the issues and events that have shaped me as a person.

I was quiet at school and I felt so isolated growing up. That's not to say there weren't many good times, there always were; I remember playing football with my cousins and going in goals on my knees - I thought I was Peter Schmeichel!

It’s hard for anyone just getting through into adulthood and growing up but I think this is magnified if you have any kind of disability. I think the Government aren't yet interested in fully including people with disabilities into society, I feel they would sooner give you disability benefits and say, ‘just be happy with that’, no aspirations, no hopes - nothing.  Perhaps too much money would be required to fix all these issues, so they take the easiest option. I continue writing with the view that my life is good and decent and would love everyone to experience the joy I get from creativity. It makes the journeys make sense

Edition 3 - Leaving after Lockdown

Edition 5 - No Shock